The Ultimate Guide to Straight-Across Bangs: Everything You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Straight-Across Bangs: Everything You Need to Know

Straight-across bangs, also known as a fringe, are an iconic hairstyle with a diverse appeal that spans across decades. Their charm lies in their ability to frame the face in a unique way, adding personality and flair to any look. As we delve into the world of straight-across bangs, you will discover their rich history, their universal appeal, and the myriad of ways you can wear and care for them.

The History of Straight-Across Bangs

The journey of straight-across bangs began in the roaring 1920s when women started wearing their hair shorter. Straight-across bangs became a popular part of the "flapper" look, seen on style-forward women who dared to defy societal norms. Iconic silent film star Louise Brooks was amongst the first to popularize this look, with her sharp bob and thick, blunt bangs becoming a symbol of the era.

In the 1960s, the fringe made a bold comeback with the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin. Hepburn's soft, wispy bangs in the movie "Roman Holiday" and Birkin's laid-back, effortless fringe inspired many women to experiment with this style.

From the 80s' rock-n-roll heavy bangs, reminiscent of Joan Jett, to the 90s' grungy styles sported by Kurt Cobain, straight-across bangs have always found their way into the zeitgeist. More recently, celebrities like Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschanel, and Krysten Ritter have brought straight-across bangs back into the limelight, proving that this versatile style transcends eras and genres.

What Are Straight-Across Bangs

At their core, straight-across bangs are hair that is cut straight across the forehead. Traditionally, they sit at eyebrow length but can be customized to suit the wearer's style and comfort. Variations include shorter "baby bangs" for a bold, edgy look, or slightly longer bangs that skim the eyes for a sultry, mysterious feel. Straight-across bangs can also be cut thick for a dramatic, statement look, or wispy and light for a softer approach.

Who Can Wear Straight-Across Bangs

One of the remarkable qualities of straight-across bangs is their universal appeal. They can beautifully suit a range of face shapes, adding balance and dimension where desired. Oval and heart-shaped faces, for example, benefit greatly from this style. The bangs help highlight the cheekbones and lend a softening effect to the lower half of the face. However, with a bit of tailoring, they can also complement square or round faces. By adjusting the width, thickness, and length of the bangs, one can create an illusion of length and soften angular features.

While straight-across bangs can work for most hair types, they do require a certain level of maintenance, especially for those with very curly or wavy hair. This is because the key to a great set of straight-across bangs lies in their smoothness and sleekness.

How to Cut Straight-Across Bangs

If you're adventurous and want to give yourself straight-across bangs at home, you'll need sharp hair shears, a fine-toothed comb, clips to hold back the rest of your hair, and a mirror. Here's a simple guide:

  1. Section off the hair that you want to turn into bangs. Make a triangle with its base on your hairline. Be sure to consider how thick you want your bangs to be.
  2. Comb this section out smoothly, ensuring there are no tangles.
  3. Decide on the length of your bangs. It's always better to start longer, as you can always go shorter later.
  4. Using the comb to hold your hair taut, cut horizontally, following the line of your fingers.
  5. Trim any uneven areas and make small adjustments until you're happy with the length and look.

However, if it's your first time or you're uncertain, it's always a good idea to consult with a professional stylist.

How to Style Straight-Across Bangs

Styling straight-across bangs can be an art. Depending on the look you're going for, there are various tools and products that can come in handy. For a sleek, glossy finish, a flat iron is your best friend. Always remember to use a heat protectant spray to guard your hair from heat damage.

If you want a softer, more voluminous look, you can use a round brush and a blow dryer. The round brush will also help you achieve a slight curl at the ends if desired. Styling products like lightweight gels, hair mousses, or texturizing sprays can help you set your bangs in place.

Taking Care of Straight-Across Bangs

Maintaining your straight-across bangs is crucial for keeping them looking their best. Regular trims, about every 2-3 weeks, can help maintain their shape and length. However, you can extend this period if you're growing them out or prefer a longer length.

Bangs tend to become oily faster than the rest of your hair because they're in constant contact with your forehead. Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver here. Not only does it absorb excess oil, but it also adds texture and volume, preventing your bangs from looking flat and lifeless. If frizziness is a concern, a touch of hair serum or oil can help smooth your bangs and add a healthy shine.

Inspiration: Celebrities with Straight-Across Bangs

Numerous celebrities have worn straight-across bangs, each adding their personal twist to this classic look. Taylor Swift, for example, has been seen with a thick, glossy set of bangs that perfectly frame her face, adding a touch of sophistication to her country-pop image. Alexa Chung, on the other hand, rocks a more tousled, effortless version of straight-across bangs that screams boho-chic. Their bangs vary in thickness, length, and style, proving the versatility of this classic look.

Michelle Obama wore straight-across bangs during her time as First Lady, showing us that this style isn't just limited to the world of pop culture. Her bangs added a modern twist to her elegant image, proving that this hairstyle can be as casual or as formal as you'd like it to be.


Straight-across bangs are more than just a hairstyle; they're a statement. They can completely transform your look, add a dash of personality, and give you a unique style. From their rich history to their widespread appeal, straight-across bangs have proven that they're here to stay. Regardless of your face shape, hair type, or personal style, there's a version of straight-across bangs that can suit you. All it takes is a bit of courage to try something new and a bit of care to maintain them. So why not take the leap and give straight-across bangs a go? They might just become your new signature look.

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