20 Incredible Hair Salons in Manchester, England

20 Incredible Hair Salons in Manchester, England

Discover the cream of the crop with our guide to the best hair salons in Manchester. From trendy chops to transformative hair treatments, these topnotch salons boast expert stylists, unique atmospheres, and phenomenal services that cater to a spectrum of hair needs. Uncover your next go-to salon as we delve into the world of Manchester's premium hairdressing establishments.

The Studio

The Studio is a salon where you'll be transported into a world of relaxation and expert care. From the moment you enter, the warm and inviting atmosphere envelopes you, accompanied by friendly smiles from the staff. The service is swift, ensuring a seamless experience without disrupting your day. Stylist Hannah goes above and beyond with her courteous nature, making the visit personal and memorable.

But the real gem at The Studio is Craig, a hair genius who executes exceptional skills. He takes the time to understand your desires and delivers results beyond expectations, providing a safe pair of hands you can trust. The salon itself serves as a beautiful sanctuary within the city, where the wider team strives to make you feel at home.

It's a breath of fresh air, allowing the outside world's hustle and bustle to fade away. With exceptional experiences at The Studio, it's highly recommended not to miss out on the opportunity to indulge in this transformative and unforgettable haircutting experience.

The Studio · 10 Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1FB, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hairdresser

James Roberts Hair and Beauty

When it comes to finding the best hair salons in the city, it's all about the people, the service, and the overall experience. James Roberts Hair and Beauty is unquestionably one of the top salons to visit. The salon radiates a professional and inviting atmosphere, creating a warm and friendly ambience from the moment you walk in.

The highly skilled stylist, Daniel, demonstrated his artistry and talent by delivering an exceptional haircut, perfectly taming even the thickest hair. The team's overall approach is commendable, with other standout stylists including Dominik, whose expertise guides customers to the most suitable hairstyle, and Jacob, who provides not only superb service but also engaging conversation during hair washes. With such a talented team, James Roberts Hair and Beauty has truly established itself as a go-to salon for exceptional haircare experiences.

James Roberts Hair and Beauty · 1, Royal Exchange, Manchester, Manchester M2 7EA, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon

Melissa Timperley Hair Salon

Stepping into the Melissa Timperley Hair Salon instantly wraps you in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, a hallmark of their spectacular service. Specializing in short, curly hair, their stylists, notably Victoria, command a deep understanding and dedication towards your hair, allowing for transformative experiences. Each stylist provides undivided attention, coloring and cutting your hair with a personalized finesse that translates your ideas into exquisite styles.

The salon earns its rank as a cut above the rest for not just individual clients, but for families seeking equally impressive hairstyling sagas. The exceptional haircuts, vibrant atmosphere, and invaluable guidance ensure your journey to Melissa Timperley Hair Salon is always worthwhile.

Melissa Timperley Hair Salon · City Centre, 67 Tib St, Manchester M4 1LS, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon

Reuben Wood Hair & Beauty Salon

Tucked in Manchester's heart, Reuben Wood Hair & Beauty Salon encompasses a warm, friendly ambiance that resonates with a familial touch. Renowned for treating hair as a royal asset, the salon affirms confidence and expertise in its hairstylists. Standouts include Steve, acclaimed for his precise understanding and replication of desired styles, and Josh, whose subtle, skillful highlighting techniques can bring a transformation beyond expectation.

Moreover, their long-lasting keratin express blow dry ensures an enduring sleek, shiny look. Convenience personified, they offer seamless online bookings and top-notch customer service. Indeed, Reuben Wood is not a hair appointment, it's an enchanting beauty experience.

Reuben Wood Hair & Beauty Salon · 110 High St, Manchester M4 1HQ, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon

Antonacci Hair & Beauty Salon

At Antonacci Hair & Beauty Salon, a crisp, clean and inviting atmosphere welcomes guests embarking on their hair transformation journey. The salon features honest stylists like Sammy, who conscientiously balance client aspirations with hair health.

His miraculous execution leaves clients elated, as does the adept handiwork of Carole, a virtuoso with scissors who can effortlessly interpret and transform clients' desires into reality. While the salon thrives on simple trims and cuts, it's also an arena for bold nonetheless, seamless changes. All in all, Antonacci Hair & Beauty Salon is a destination for those seeking stellar service and vibrant transformations.

Antonacci Hair & Beauty Salon · 37 Blossom St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 6AJ, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon

Vox Hairdressing

Vox Hairdressing extends a haven of relaxation and warmth that prompts stresses to dissolve instantly. The salon's ambiance is nothing short of comfortable and inviting. On the styling front, Vincenzo astounds with his magical proficiency in wash, cut, and blow-dry. The method transcends into healthier, more stylish strands, surpassing expectations.

Heather’s comforting expertise further soothes social anxieties, making the hairdressing journey smooth and enlightening. Amy’s mastery of blonde hair is notable among equally skilled hairdressers. As such, Vox Hairdressing represents an abode of superior service woven with excellent styling, highly recommended as a go-to hub for hairstyling.

Vox Hairdressing · City Centre, 50 Port St, Manchester M1 2EQ, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon

Trevor Sorbie Manchester

Trevor Sorbie Manchester is a rejuvenating oasis offering a tailored hair experience. The salon exudes a fresh, modern atmosphere as welcoming stylists like Charlotte and Molly exceed expectations through their artistic and patient approach.

Guests are treated luxuriously, with attention paid to the smallest details; from a refreshing welcome drink to skilled hair washing techniques and personally tailored cuts. The result is a pleasantly surprised clientele, even engaging the approval of typically hard-to-please teenagers. The passionate team at Trevor Sorbie Manchester crafts not just hairstyles, but unforgettable experiences making it a salon worth revisiting.

Trevor Sorbie Manchester · 19 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 1FB, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hairdresser

Olivier Morosini Hairdressing

Olivier Morosini Hairdressing offers a unique intersection of mind-reading expertise and friendly ambiance that conjures up stunning hair results. Olivier and his team have mastered the art of exquisite cuts and blow-dries with an attention to detail that leaves clients feeling fabulous.

Their exemplary service further shines through the team's comforting handling of significant transformations, like bleachings, despite initial fears. Compliments follow Olivier's work, guaranteeing a cloud nine feeling. From a simple trim to a complete hair metamorphosis, Olivier Morosini Hairdressing presents an unmatched hairdressing experience that consistently draws clientele back.

Olivier Morosini Hairdressing · 98 Tib St, Manchester M4 1LR, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hairdresser

House of Vanity

House of Vanity turns hair emergencies into delightful experiences with their gracious and efficient team. In times of distress, they exhibit exceptional service, transforming hair woes into picture-perfect styles. The salon also houses skilled stylists like Lewis, who seamlessly refit hair extensions, elevating the client’s look and mood.

Coupled with a comfortable and lively vibe, Lewis's unrivaled expertise makes every visit invaluable. This strong recommendation reaches an inclusive clientele, from curly blow drys to extension adjustments. House of Vanity is not merely a salon - it's an unforgettable hairdressing experience.

House of Vanity · 7 John Dalton St, Manchester M2 6FW, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon

Rupert Hayes Salon

Rupert Hayes Salon in Manchester skillfully merges attentive hairstyling with a friendly ambiance. The salon's expert staff stand out with their genuine listening and a refusal to rush processes, crafting a personalized experience for every client. Particularly for long hair, they devote enough time to achieve natural-looking outcomes.

Charismatic salon staff like Emma present superb skills and attentiveness, making sure clients are comfortable and satisfied throughout their hair journey. These, coupled with delightful perks like refreshing drinks and biscuits, build a charming, welcoming environment. Rupert Hayes Salon garners wide-ranging recognition, welcoming patron after patron drawn by glowing recommendations.

Rupert Hayes Salon · Suite 123, Phenix Salon Suites, No. 1 Deansgate, Manchester M3 1AZ, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon

The Dalton Street Salon

At The Dalton Street Salon, friendliness and professionalism coalesce, creating an idyllic hairdressing experience. Clients are warmly welcomed into the salon's pristine, passion-reflecting environment.

Its stylists stand out as 'confidence-boosters,' ensuring that each individual is seen, understood, and skillfully attended to. Besides their flexibility and commendable attention to detail, The Dalton Street Salon offers top-notch services under new management which provides a seamless transition, thereby exceeding previous standards. Ultimately, this salon has become a trusted site for haircuts and treatments, continuously earning perfect scores and recommendations from its diverse clientele.

The Dalton Street Salon · 39 John Dalton St, Manchester M2 6FW, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hairdresser

New-Church House

New-Church House serves as a comforting hair sanctuary amidst city bustle. The profound knowledge and understanding of stylists like Lauren is a highlight, who engenders trust through her careful listening and expert advice. Returning clients applaud her consistency in delivering stunning results. Meanwhile, stylist Josh adds charm with his meticulous precision and engaging personality, ensuring clients leave feeling transformed and uplifted.

The salon’s clean, comfortable atmosphere devoid of pretense is another captivating feature. Overall, the seamless experience of warmth, engagement, and exceptional skill at New-Church House encourages online booking in advance to secure this unforgettable hairdressing experience.

New-Church House · 34 John Dalton St, Manchester M2 6LE, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon

Salvation Hair

Salvation Hair emerges as a city gem, offering warm smiles and an inviting ambiance. Remarkable is the personal attention received by clients, from detailed walkthroughs to unhurried appointments. The transformational prowess of the stylists is a highlight, with colorist Darby and stylist Molly, turning daunting tasks of complete restyling into stunning results.

Clients fondly recall walking out feeling like runway models, their hair gleaming under city lights. Hiccups aside, Salvation Hair consistently ranks as a top salon, especially when in the transformative, skilled hands of its standout stylists.

Salvation Hair · 70 Bridge St, Manchester M3 2RJ, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hairdresser

M3 Hair & Beauty Ltd

M3 Hair & Beauty Ltd is a hidden jewel in Manchester, renowned for its unparalleled hair expertise. The salon's stylists, like Steven, win over clients with excellent wash, cut, blow-dry services, and valuable hair-care tips.

His ability to deliver stylish, low-maintenance bob cuts that earn compliments aplenty stands out. Jasmine's knack for replicating desired hairstyles showcased in videos, coupled with style advice and a friendly personality, cements the salon's appeal. Loved for its superior service, expert advice, and fair prices, M3 Hair & Beauty Ltd stands as a highly anticipated destination for the next hair appointment.

M3 Hair & Beauty Ltd · 89 Bridge St, Manchester M3 2RE, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hairdresser


Claritys in the city centre surfaces as a delightful surprise. This salon successfully impresses with its friendly staff, affordable prices, and stylists like Darcy, whose warm welcome and attentiveness result in a tailored haircut exceeding expectation. They particularly shine with their adept handling of thick, curly hair, providing excellent highlights and cuts.

The salon's commitment to making each client feel welcomed and valued is palpable. Claritys, thus recommended for its excellent service and fair pricing, emerges as an ideal choice for those seeking a fresh, welcoming experience at a new hair salon.

Claritys · 33 Princess St, Manchester M2 4EW, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hairdresser

Village Hair Salon

Village Hair Salon radiates a charming aura where hairdressing skills meet exceptional customer service. Known for their flexibility and attentive listening, their stylists handle everything from daily hair woes to vibrant, out-of-the-box styles.

They even serve tourists, promising impressive transformations such as head-turning braids. Dedicated to client satisfaction, Village Hair Salon offers an enjoyable, value-for-money experience for many regular and new customers. The salon's warm ambiance and commendable hairstyling services make it a repeat visit for many in the city.

Village Hair Salon · 37 Bloom St, Manchester M1 3LY, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon

Annie's Secret Hair Extensions

Annie's Secret Hair Extensions is a salon that promises unparalleled mastery in the realm of hair extensions. The proprietor, Annie, maintains an enviable reputation for her knowledge, professionalism, and exquisite skill. Her high-quality extensions can liken to a prestigious crown, affirming their luxury and grandeur.

The Russian hair extensions, purchased years ago by longstanding clients, stand as evidence of the salon's commitment to durability and excellence, with their condition still impeccable years down the line. Those considering hair extensions will find Annie's Secret Hair Extensions an unmatched choice, assured to provide the crowning glory they deserve.

Annie’s Secret Hair Extensions · Arndale Market, Manchester M4 3AH, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair extension technician

Sassoon Hair Salon

Sassoon Hair Salon in Manchester thrives as a transformative haircut destination with an enduring charm rooted in expert hairstyling and an understanding of customer needs. Boasting decades of loyalty from patrons, one standout stylist is Julia, a master of her craft with over 35 years of experience. Her mix of professionalism, personal rapport, and skilled execution transforms haircut ideas into reality.

The salon's expertise and familiar ambiance lend it an irresistible allure. Being a long-term patron of Sassoon manifests a sense of belonging, assuring clientele they're in great hands.

Sassoon Hair Salon · 1 Marsden St, Manchester M2 1HW, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon


RCNQ, a transcendent hair salon, stands out with its inclusive, welcoming environment encapsulated in its vibrant aesthetic. Holli, a stylist at RCNQ, comes highly recommended for transforming curly hair into confidence-boosting styles. The salon also expertly handles kids, and clients with haircut anxieties, with stylists like Kay explaining each step patiently.

Regular clients praise stylist Lilly Mae for her welcoming and attentive nature, resulting in daily compliment-evoking transformations. The friendly staff, marked by professionals like Mary, ensure each visit to RCNQ is a delightful experience. For anyone seeking a style transformation in the city, RCNQ presents an irrefutable choice.

RCNQ · 16 Whittle St, Manchester M4 1LT, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hairdresser

Mai Salon

Mai Salon sets a precedent for professional, high-standard hairdressing. Its 'vibey' ambiance radiates positivity, mirroring the ten-on-ten score given by enchanted clients. Regular stylist Saffron shines with her attention to preference and detail, enhancing hair through her keen understanding.

Whether it's a hair transformation by Darcy, leaving clients refreshed and younger, or the leadership of Kh, manifesting in consistent professionalism, the Mai Salon team deliver flawless haircuts and color matches. This relentless commitment to top-notch service makes Mai Salon a sought-after destination that endlessly surpasses expectations, leaving clients unable to imagine a better hairdressing experience.

Mai Salon · 32 Booth St, Manchester M2 4AB, United Kingdom
★★★★★ · Hair salon