15 Best Hair Salons in Chelsea, NYC

15 Best Hair Salons in Chelsea, NYC

Chelsea, a remarkable neighborhood in New York City, is a hub of infinite experiences, known for its premier art galleries, vibrant nightlife, and trendsetting fashion scene. Unbeknownst to many, Chelsea is also home to some of the finest hair salons in NYC. From high-end luxury boutiques to charming, boutique establishments, Chelsea's hair salons guarantee to turn any ordinary hair day into an extraordinary hair statement. So whether you're in search of an experiential scalp treatment or looking for a complete hair makeover, browse our curated list of the best hair salons in Chelsea, NYC, for a tantalizing transformation.

Heels n Boots Hair Studio

This cozy, intimate sanctuary in the heart of Chelsea is where style calls home. Here, Dewi brings out the magic in your hair, casting away all unruly curls and taming beach waves with an easy charm. Her secret lies not just in her unique style but also in her excellent choice of top-notch products. Dewi ensures hair difficulties and anxieties are a thing of the past and each visit to Heels n Boots Hair Studio is nothing less than a delightful experience.

Heels n Boots Hair Studio · 124 W 24th St #42, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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Ferrazz Hair

Ferrazz Hair is more than just a hair salon; it's a masterclass in hairstyle precision. Ferrazz has an unusual ability to read hair and understand it like no other. His meticulous cuts turn limp hair into volumes of glamour, minus the unwanted frizz or flyaways. This hair sanctuary is where passion, expertise, and client-focus craft the perfect haircut.

Leonardo Rossi Salon Studio

Inside this hidden gem, Leonardo Rossi conjures up hair miracles. Trust him with your tresses and enjoy a cut that speaks volumes about your personality. Rossi's attention to detail, exclusive cuts, and vibrant coloring skills make him a leader in the Chelsea hair salon scene. His friendly demeanor adds a personal touch to every session, enhancing the overall salon experience. Whether you desire a new color or a style overhaul, Leonardo Rossi Salon Studio is the place to go.

Ferrazz Hair · 289 7th Ave 3rd floor, New York, NY 10001, Verenigde Staten
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Arisa Hair

Arisa Hair is known for its perfect highlights. With an inviting atmosphere that radiates peace, Kat, the owner, transforms into a magician when it comes to blonde maintenance. The salon itself is a beautiful, feminine oasis in the city, known for accommodating even the busiest schedules. Their A+ stylists and dedicated staff genuinely care about making you look and feel beautiful, delivering unmatched expertise and kindness with every cut, highlight, or treatment.

Arisa Hair · 237 W 15th St, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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Dima Salon

Dima Salon · 233 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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Tucked away in the city's heart, Dima Salon is where you find magic in the hands of skilled hairstylists. Dima's impeccable blonde coloring leaves hair full of life while his support staff positively enhances the customer experience. Whether you're dealing with complex hair or just want perfect styling, Dima's Salon offers varied experiences that make your hair journey interesting, even with the unexpected surprises.

Mark Ryan Salon

Mark Ryan Salon · 135 W 20th St Suite 400, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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When pampered at Mark Ryan Salon, you feel like you're with friends rather than in a formal setting. Mark and Ryan are passionate about their craft and tailor each color and style to the client. With stylists possessing friendly demeanors, this place offers a warm, welcoming experience that leaves you feeling more beautiful than when you walked in.

Roger Markel Salon

ROGER MARKEL SALON · 356 7th Ave 2nd FLOOR, New York, NY 10001, Verenigde Staten
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Roger Markel Salon is where your hair gets the loving care it needs amidst city life. Stylist Silk works magic with coloring without ever needing bleach, making your hair seem reborn. The salon's pricing is refreshingly fair, and Fatima's warm nature ensures the comfort of customers. Valuing your preferences and comfort, this salon lets your hair down, making you and your loved ones shine.

Vidov West 14

Vidov West 14 · 135 West W 14th St, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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Vidov West 14 is where style meets sophistication in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Saniye, the salon's expert, excels in single process color, highlighting, and cut/styling, ensuring that each client feels and looks their best. Layering skills and the rare provision of real curly hair for keratin hair extensions add to the exceptional services at this Chelsea gem.

Antonio Prieto Salon

Antonio Prieto Salon · 127 West 20th Street Between 6th &, 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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Antonio Prieto Salon is the love affair every hair aficionado needs. Antonio and Reni elevate natural hair textures and shapes, personalized to the client's lifestyle. Renowned stylists like Lorelle add to the salon's repertoire, transforming thick hair into a layered masterpiece. This salon is the epitome of personalized service and styling expertise.

Chris Chase Salon

Chris Chase · 182 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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Step into the world of star treatment with Chris Chase Salon. The professionals at this salon cater to every hair need, with Mune, the stylist, mastering the art of understanding every client's unique hair needs and ensuring their absolute satisfaction. This salon is a wonderful discovery for any customer seeking a transformative hair experience.

AR Hair Salon

AR Hair Salon · 200 W 21st St, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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AR Hair Salon is where the magic of transformation happens. The stylists at this shabby chic salon treat a haircut as an art form that boosts a person's confidence manifold. Principal stylist Albert's talent is undeniable, and the relaxing ambiance of the salon adds to the overall experience. It's not just about looking good, it's about feeling good at AR Hair Salon.


HAWTHORNE · 100 W 23rd St 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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If collaboration is your style, Hawthorne Studio is your place. With Kate Werner and Garrett Markenson at the helm, the studio successfully experiments daring cuts and soft colors. The stylists' deep understanding of hair health and coloring, along with their ability to understand and enhance personal style, make every appointment an anticipated event. This boutique experience offers an intimate, relaxed escapade from typical mega-salons.

Tomoko Shima Hair Salon Downtown w14st

Tomoko Shima Hair Salon Downtown w14st · 235 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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Tomoko Shima Hair Salon Downtown w14st prides itself on a soothing and immaculate atmosphere. Clients rave about the salon's attention to detail and a truly unique concept of examining the scalp with a high-tech camera before beginning the treatment. The scalp treatments at the salon are both indulgent and relaxing, and clients love the unique blend of nourishing shampoos used during the wash. Tomoko Shima Hair Salon is an oasis of scalp health and personal touch in the heart of the city.

Salon Ruggeri

Salon Ruggeri · 502 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001, Verenigde Staten
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Salon Ruggeri is described by clients as a unique, secret haven in the city where clients always feel like the center of attention. Greg Ruggeri, the head stylist, is known for his reliability, immense talent, and dedication to clients. He stands out for his expertise as a colorist and his ability to transform even the most challenging hair situations into something beautiful. Choirs of satisfied clients hail Greg as the best in the city, and his outstanding skills are highly recommended.

Ineffable Hair Salon & Spa

Ineffable Hair Salon & Spa · 122 W 25th St Store West, New York, NY 10001, Verenigde Staten
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Ineffable Hair Salon & Spa offers an exquisite, royal experience. From the moment you step in, the warm welcome makes you feel valued. Ricky, the owner, is noted for treating every customer with an air of exclusivity, making the experience an overall delight. Despite some concerns for curly-haired clients, the salon has a generally positive reputation for customer service and atmosphere.

Bloom Beauty Lounge

Bloom Beauty Lounge · 140 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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Bloom Beauty Lounge is a salon loved by its clients for years. Their team of experts is noticed for being part of significant events in clients' lives, handling their hair with finesse and expertise. The salon's stylists are recommended for their precision in haircuts, highlighting techniques, and unmatched experience with curly hair. The long tenure of its team underlines the positive work culture, and clients swear by the great results achieved here.

Salons by JC

Salons by JC · 124 W 24th St suite #15, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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Salons by JC on 24th street offers a sense of calm and hospitable environment. The salon's professionals are praised for their avid attention and adeptness in handling clients' hair. Clients testify for the salon's friendly and lively atmosphere, and it's often associated with feel-good vibes. Salons by JC's hair services come highly recommended, courtesy of their blend of professional hairstyling in a lively, social setting.

Kiwa Salon

Kiwa salon · 235 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011, Verenigde Staten
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Stepping into Kiwa Salon is said to be walking into a world of meticulous precision and utmost professionalism. Noted for its cozy atmosphere, skilled hairstylists, and top-notch service, this salon has proven to exceed clients' expectations time and time again. Whether it's spotting a previous barber's mistakes or styling hair to perfection, Kiwa Salon leaves an indelible mark, resulting in a shower of compliments from onlookers. Be sure to check out Kiwa if perfection and satisfaction are what you're after.