10 Best Hair Salons in Christiansburg, VA

10 Best Hair Salons in Christiansburg, VA

When it comes to elevating your look, nothing compares to a visit to a top-notch hair salon. In Christiansburg, VA, a town known for its charm and community spirit, the hair salons are no exception. Offering a fusion of artistry, experience, and warmth, these establishments stand out not just for their skill, but also for their dedication to ensuring every client leaves looking and feeling their absolute best. Dive into our curated list to discover the crème de la crème of hair salons in Christiansburg, VA.

In Style Salon

In Style Salon is a hotspot for hair makeovers. Taylor, a stylist at the salon, is praised for her ability to bring hair back to life, creating results that exceed expectations. Mo, another stylist, is commended for his exceptional talent and hair education.

The salon is also known for its ability to handle hair emergencies, even accommodating a color correction the day before a wedding. The atmosphere is described as welcoming, relaxed, and millennial parent-friendly. The salon is also appreciated for its cleanliness and immediate cleansing of tools after use. Whether it's a drastic color change, a fresh cut, or a regular trim, In Style Salon is highly recommended for its outstanding service and talented staff.

In Style Salon · 1562 N Franklin St, Christiansburg, VA 24073, Verenigde Staten
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Bliss Hair Salon

Bliss Hair Salon is a mecca for those pursuing top-tier hair treatments. The salon's star stylist, Rebecca, is renowned for her skill and creativity, transforming even the most challenging hair into a masterpiece. Clients rave about her ability to restore and enhance their hair's natural beauty, with many praising her knack for creating the perfect cut and color.

Rebecca's warm personality and attention to detail make every visit a delightful experience. Her loyal clientele, some of whom have been with her for over a decade, are testament to her talent. Whether you're seeking a fresh new look or a simple trim, Bliss Hair Salon is the place to go.

Bliss Hair Salon · 1035 B, Cambria St NE, Christiansburg, VA 24073, Verenigde Staten
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Scissor Happy

Scissor Happy stands out for its professional and friendly stylists who consistently deliver impeccable haircuts and styles. Whether you're looking for a dramatic change or a simple trim, the team at Scissor Happy will exceed your expectations.

The salon is praised for its clean, relaxed environment and excellent customer service. Stylists like Brooke, Alicia, Trinity, and Jelina are particularly commended for their skill and attentiveness. From highlights to mohawks, Scissor Happy is the go-to place for all your hair needs.

Scissor Happy · 20 W Main St, Christiansburg, VA 24073, Verenigde Staten
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Soluna Hair Salon Plus

Soluna Hair Salon Plus is a paradise for those who cherish talented hairstylists. The staff, led by the super talented owner Norma, are warm, welcoming, and professional.

Norma is renowned for her ability to perfectly match hair color to a picture and is praised as a 'magician' by her clients. Stylists Vanessa and Rosie are also highly recommended for their excellent work. The salon is loved for its great atmosphere and top-notch service, making it the perfect place for the whole family.

Soluna Hair Salon Plus · 2890 N Franklin St, Christiansburg, VA 24073, Verenigde Staten
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Beauty Lab & Wax Lab

At Beauty Lab & Wax Lab, the dedicated stylists excel in their craft, creating a warm and friendly ambience. Kaylee, Sabrina, Cati, Monte, Taylor, Michael, Olivia, Brittany, and Gillian are all highly praised for their exceptional work, from transforming black box dyed hair to a beautiful blonde, to maintaining and enhancing natural curls, to creating stunning vivid colors.

The salon is known for its professionalism, cleanliness, and adherence to Covid restrictions. Clients consistently leave with a smile, feeling pampered and looking forward to their next visit.

Beauty Lab & Wax Lab · 3225 N Franklin St suite 6, Christiansburg, VA 24073, Verenigde Staten
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Inside Out Salon

Inside Out Salon is a beacon of hairstyling brilliance in the city. Clients consistently rave about Lucia's knack for translating their wishes into stunning hairstyles. Doty Smith, the salon's owner, has a long-standing reputation for providing impeccable service, particularly with African American hair.

The passionate Hannah, another of the salon's renowned stylists, is known to perform miracles, always ensuring her clients leave satisfied. Many clients have also commended the salon for its cleanliness, professional atmosphere, and their commitment to keeping up with the latest trends. Whether you're looking for a cut, color, or style, the talented team at Inside Out Salon promises an unparalleled experience.

Inside Out Salon · 436 Peppers Ferry Rd NW, Christiansburg, VA 24073, Verenigde Staten
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Ultimate Touch Salon

Ultimate Touch Salon is a sanctuary for hair aficionados. The salon boasts a team of skilled stylists, including Carrie, Brittany, Julia, Sade, Cassidy, Brooke, Amber, Kimberly, and Melissa, who have been praised for their exceptional hair cutting and styling skills.

Whether you're looking for a new cut, color, or style, these stylists are known for their ability to deliver exactly what you ask for. The salon is also lauded for its ability to accommodate appointments weeks in advance, ensuring you always know when you can get your hair done. From rainbow hair to natural highlights, Ultimate Touch Salon is the place to go for a transformative hair experience.

Ultimate Touch Salon · 782 New River Rd Ste 624, Christiansburg, VA 24073, Verenigde Staten
★★★★☆ · Kapper

Old Town Barber & Hair Salon

Old Town Barber & Hair Salon stands as a beacon of hair expertise and congeniality. The staff, especially Lauren, are highly recommended for their meticulous haircuts and color treatments. The salon is known for accommodating walk-ins and appointments with minimal wait times.

The staff, including Ashley, Jamie, Mary, and Richard, are praised for their talent, patience, and ability to deliver quality cuts that leave customers looking and feeling their best. The environment is described as clean, friendly, and professional, making every visit a pleasure.

Old Town Barber & Hair Salon · 106 W Main St, Christiansburg, VA 24073, Verenigde Staten
★★★★★ · Barbier

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