The Ultimate Guide to Choppy Bangs: Everything You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Choppy Bangs: Everything You Need to Know

Choppy bangs are a hairstyle that offers an effortless, edgy appeal. Known for their textured, "lived-in" vibe, these bangs can add an interesting dynamic to your overall look. In this guide, we will explore the history, defining characteristics, styling and maintenance tips, and celebrity inspirations for choppy bangs.

The History of Choppy Bangs

Although choppy bangs have been popular for several years now, they gained particular prominence in the 90s, championed by grunge icons and movie stars. The effortless, slightly rebellious nature of choppy bangs reflects the grunge era's aesthetic and has stayed relevant due to its flexibility and adaptability.

What Are Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs, as the name suggests, are a fringe with a heavily textured, uneven finish. This is typically achieved through point cutting, where the scissors are held vertically to cut into the ends of the hair, creating an irregular edge that adds texture and movement. They can be worn short, medium, or long, and are typically less dense than a blunt fringe.

Who Can Wear Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are quite versatile and can suit various face shapes and hair types. For those with round or heart-shaped faces, choppy bangs can help to add structure and definition. Those with longer faces can use them to break up their length and add width.

Choppy bangs can work with any hair texture—straight, wavy, or curly. However, bear in mind that if your hair is extremely curly or thick, you may need to invest more time in styling to achieve the desired choppy effect.

How to Cut Choppy Bangs

For the adventurous, cutting choppy bangs at home involves a comb, hair clips, a mirror, and a pair of sharp hairdressing scissors. Here's a simplified guide:

  1. Section the hair that you want to turn into bangs.
  2. Determine the desired length - but always start longer, as you can cut more if needed.
  3. Hold the hair taut and use the point cutting technique: instead of cutting straight across, hold the scissors vertically and snip into the hair to create a textured finish.
  4. Continue refining the bangs until you achieve your desired choppiness.

However, to ensure the best results, it's always recommended to seek the assistance of a professional hairstylist.

How to Style Choppy Bangs

Styling choppy bangs is relatively straightforward. After washing and towel-drying your hair, apply a small amount of volumizing mousse to your bangs. Then, using a hairdryer and a round brush, dry your bangs while lifting them at the roots to create volume. If you prefer a more textured look, scrunch the bangs with your fingers while drying.

A little bit of styling wax or pomade can be used to define the choppy layers further, but remember not to overdo it, as too much product can weigh the hair down.

Taking Care of Choppy Bangs

Taking care of choppy bangs involves frequent trims to maintain their shape and style. They may also need to be washed more often than the rest of your hair due to their proximity to the forehead, which can lead to oil buildup. In between washes, a touch of dry shampoo can help keep your bangs looking fresh and voluminous.

Inspiration: Celebrities with Choppy Bangs

Various celebrities have sported choppy bangs, adding a unique flair to their looks. From rock star Joan Jett in the '80s to Halle Berry's iconic pixie cut with choppy bangs in the early 2000s, this fringe style has had many high-profile endorsements. More recently, stars like Taylor Swift and Zendaya have experimented with the choppy bangs trend.


Choppy bangs are an effortlessly cool and versatile hairstyle that can add a touch of edgy character to your look. They're adaptable to different hair lengths, types, and face shapes, and they can add an interesting dimension to your style. With the right maintenance and styling, choppy bangs can be a standout addition to your look, adding a unique twist to your personal style.

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